Motiv Design’s Special Report Connects Customized Autos With Consumer Product Design Trends

2015 SEMA Show Yields Insights into Preferences for Materials, Colors, Finishes and Lifestyles: Consumers Are Seeking Product “Authenticity”

Motiv Design, one of the nation’s most respected brand and product development firms, today announced publication of its special report, “The Road to Product Authenticity,” that provides consumer product companies with insights into future design trends, based on the firm’s observations and analysis from the 2015 SEMA Show, held last month in Las Vegas.

The SEMA Show, which attracts more than 140,000 automobile enthusiasts, is sponsored by the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, a trade group representing the interests of businesses devoted to accessorized, customized and vintage vehicles. These aftermarket automotive specialty products companies represent a $350 billion industry, or nearly 3% of the nation’s gross domestic product.

Motiv’s special report examines current trends in customized automobiles as a forward indicator of consumer preferences across a broad range of retail products. According to Motiv partner Paul Metaxatos, “We purposely seek out ‘fringe market’ forums like the SEMA Show that do not represent existing mainstream tastes. We believe these platforms provide meaningful direction into where mainstream tastes will likely be headed. Similar to clothing, automobiles serve as an expression of personal values and tastes, and we think customized vehicles can provide reliable insights into future design trends.”

The SEMA Show provided several important market trend indicators, explained in the special report, covering materials, colors, finishes and lifestyles, all related to what Motiv believes is a broad consumer market “drive to authenticity,” characterized by:

Greater interest in higher quality, sustainability and performance from their products,

Less interest in mass-produced, plastic, cheaply priced disposable items,

Willingness to pay premium prices for products that reflect quality, will last longer and perform better over time,

An eco-friendly mindset that’s expressed in use of earth tones, muted finishes and high-quality materials that establish a high-end product persona.

“Based on the direction we witnessed at SEMA this year,” Mr. Metaxatos said that, “Consumer product companies would be well-served over the next 2 – 3 years to incorporate these market insights into their product development, design and marketing planning.”

Complimentary copies of Motiv’s special report, The Road to Product Authenticity, which includes greater detail on consumer preferences, can be requested on

About Motiv

Motiv designs products, develops brands and delivers creative solutions for companies of all sizes, across a broad range of industries. As its name suggests, Motiv designs with reason. Most often, those reasons are to simplify, delight or enrich the lives of people.

Based in Boston, Motiv works at the intersection of brand and design…helping clients to create products and brand experiences that connect with people, evoke emotion, influence decisions and drive business outcomes.

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