Messring: Compact Sled Systems

MESSRING constructed two new sled test facilities for Takata in Brazil and Romania. The international OEM of passenger protection systems commissioned two compact impact simulators (CIS), including extensive data acquisition systems and lighting technology. With the CIS, vehicle components such as seat belts and airbags can be tested with high precision and reproducible results.

The CIS is compact, can be installed quickly and delivers impressive performance data. Even with all of the data acquisition systems and lighting technology, the system in Brazil costs less than a million euros. Test preparation is simple: all subsystems can be networked with the test stand at the same time. The high degree of automation and effective hydraulics both guarantee more test runs in less time.

At Takata in Romania, the CIS plays an important role in ensuring high product quality with thousands of standardized tests (COP tests) a year. Takata in Brazil also focuses on development tests for airbags.

To obtain information about the effectiveness of restraint systems and thus passenger protection MESSRING integrated its M=BUS data acquisition system into the CIS system technology. In Brazil the M=BUS InDummy data acquisition system was also integrated. The key benefit of this technology: the structure of the dummy does not change.

To network all of the technology mounted on the sled with the outside world, MESSRING developed an interface box. The many onboard systems are connected to the box and guided to the outside as a bundle,

In Brazil MESSRING also installed 20 M=LIGHT LED floodlights, which boast spectacular brightness and offer significant benefits in terms of energy savings and service life.

To synchronize all the technology MESSRING designs all systems to be operated and controlled with a single user interface.

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