Aktas Holding’s Airtech Marks A Big Step For Road Comfort And Economy

Aktaş Holding, which aims to have the principle of managing change; exports more than 100 countries and operates with the its brands among the world leaders in it industry, provides significant advantage on road comfort and economy with new generation Electronic Control Air Suspension Systems which is improved by R&D studies.

Airtech, which is one of the leading air suspension systems brands, launches the new systems which increased the comfort up to 60% in light commercial vehicles by production concept prioritizing the innovation.

Airtech, one of Aktaş Holding’s brands, adapts itself to new technologies in order to reach not only in the current markets but also in the new market effectively. With “Electronic Control Air Suspension Systems”, the future technology is brought to nowadays by R&D studies and aim to bring innovative products to the industry.

The aim of “Electronic Control Air Suspension Systems” which has improved with the newest technology in order to value the industry is to increase the touch between tyres and road for maximizing the friction; to optimize drive stabilization and to provide high security on the journey by enabling perfect rotation.

Prioritizing the safe journey of the passengers

This improved system is prefered globally on maximum care for safety and comfort of the passengers in the current vehicle, improvement on drive comfort, easiness for loading/unloading the vehicle.

Becoming obligatory for ambulances

As using “Electronic Control Air Suspension Systems” for ambulances becomes obligatory in many countries, this system is needed for getting on/off (especially for handicap passengers) by improving and standardizing public transport systems; and to offer extra comfort demand on increasing VIP vehicle usage.

Steering the sector

As Mr. Sami Erol, CEO and Board Member of Aktaş Holding, indicates that Aktaş Holding is in contact with global players in automotive industry about the related systems, and added “We started to collect the global demand quickly on the related products. We have created a special set for ambulances. We continue working on many other similar vehicles and models. We are also in contact with leader light commercial vehicle manufacturers in order to enable to use of the product as a direct OEM output by moving to a more advanced stage. We aim to continue adding value to the sector by improving this structures.”

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