Power Stop Brake Pads Eliminate Excessive Brake Dust On Dodge Hellcat Brake Systems

Power Stop® Extreme Performance Brake Systems offers a solution to the heavy brake-dust issues Dodge Hellcat owners face with the OE brake pads. Power Stop’s Z23 Evolution Sport and Z26 Extreme Street Performance brake pads are made with the company’s exclusive Carbon-Fiber Ceramic compound eliminating heavy brake dust that the OE pads leave on calipers, wheels and other nearby components.

“We’ve had a great response from Hellcat owners from forums such as Hellcat.org, that have installed our Z23 Evolution Sport pads and claim ‘100 percent less dust and no loss of stopping ability.’ This is a great testament to our Carbon-Fiber Ceramic pad compound formulations that are only available from Power Stop,” says Rodion Galperin, Creative Director at Power Stop.

Power Stop’s Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon-Fiber Ceramic pads are designed to offer upgraded performance for daily use. The Z26 Extreme Street Performance pads provide an even higher level of stopping performance, with greater thermal stability for quicker stopping at higher speeds. Both Z23 and Z26 pads for the Dodge Hellcat Charger and Challenger are manufactured as direct bolt-in replacements, and feature thermal scorched surfaces for faster break-in, a powder coated backing plate that resists corrosion, noise insulating shims, and dust-free operation.

Power Stop is dedicated to providing problem-free brake system upgrades and manufactures the “1-Click Brake Kit,” a line of application specific brake pad and rotor kits, remanufactured and performance tested OE replacement calipers, and Evolution Tru-Cast drilled and slotted performance rotors.

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