AutoUpLink Tech Achieves CDK Global 3PA Integration, Means Faster, More Secure Data Extraction for Dealer Customers Using CDK ‘Drive’ DMS

AutoUpLink Tech, an automotive industry leader and designer of products and services that optimize the customer lifecycle, announced today it has achieved 3PA (Third Party Access) integration with CDK Global (formerly ADP Dealer Services).

This action now enables AutoUpLink Tech’s direct integration with dealers’ CDK dealer management systems (DMS) for data extraction. It eliminates and replaces slow polling extraction methodology requiring a third-party intermediary or systems integrator. This 3PA integration is specific to the “Drive” version of the CDK DMS, the primary, most popular version formerly known as ADP.

“This integration with the CDK Drive DMS provides AutoUpLink Tech clients with a rock-solid, secure data conduit between their legacy DMS and our SaaS products that span multiple devices and form factors like smartphones, tablets and computers that dealers use every day to conduct business,” said AutoUpLink Tech CEO Christian Thornton.

“Now, more than ever, auto retailers using AutoUpLink Tech technologies for online inventory management, CRM and digital marketing can conduct business confidently knowing that their data is secure and safe from end-to-end, and that the mobility of the data is reliable. Said another way, the integration will just work,” he said.

“To get more done in less time, our clients need access to the right customer and transaction data at the right time, and in the right product,” Thornton said. “With this integration, retailers focused on delivering an exceptional shopping and ownership experiences now have robust data mobility without sacrificing security.”

AutoUpLink Tech is now a certified integrator with the three largest DMS providers in the U.S.: CDK, Reynolds and Reynolds, and Dealertrack DMS. The company continues to implement direct integrations with all other DMS applications that provide modern programmatic access like APIs or certification-driven integration like CDK 3PA.

About AutoUpLink Tech

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, AutoUpLink Technologies, Inc. products and services help retail teams of all sizes track all aspects of their business, share everything, work smarter, and establish more profitable customer relationships. From do-it-yourself inventory management apps and on-the-lot inventory service, to CRM and custom web site design, dealerships are energized from end-to-end and across all profit centers. With over 2,300 customers from coast to coast, our team o’ experts deliver relentless customer service wrapped around top shelf products. And our proprietary Crawl, Walk, Run™ methodology enables our customers to buy only what they need today, avoiding the utilization drag that comes with bloated, one-size-fits-all solutions from traditional software sales organizations.

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