Lists The Most Affordable 3-Row Crossovers

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Leads Segment in Affordability, the premier online resource for buying, selling and now servicing cars, has listed the most affordable 3-row crossovers currently for sale. To determine affordability, the list combines the cost to purchase each car (including destination fee), five years of fuel costs as well as each car’s residual value after five years. To qualify for the list, each car had to come equipped with basic features that most car shoppers expect, including automatic transmission, power driver’s seat, rearview camera, USB port and Bluetooth connectivity.

“With an average starting price hovering around $30,000, the 3-row crossover segment is not a cheap one to enter,” said David Thomas, managing editor. “Still, sales of these crossovers are up 13.3 percent through May versus an average year-over-year increase of 4.5 percent across all segments. With car shoppers flocking to these family-friendly minivan alternatives, we sought to help shoppers understand where they’ll be able to get the most bang for their buck over the life of their purchase.”

The most affordable 3-row crossovers, according to, are:

cars-com 3 row picks 2

“Whether you need a car to take your kids and their teammates to Little League practice or you’re someone who just likes to travel with friends, three-row crossovers should be top of mind for you when shopping for a new car,” Thomas said. “The Outlander is the perfect option for someone looking for the room and utility of a 3-row crossover, but considers cost savings to be their highest priority.”


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