100 Acres Of South Las Vegas Blvd. To Be Transformed Into SPEEDVEGAS, The Newest Only-In-Vegas Experience

SPEEDVEGAS was given the green light to transform 100 acres of South Las Vegas Blvd. into the city’s newest, adrenaline inducing supercar experience. The Clark County Commissioners, responsible for planning and development of the Las Vegas Strip, unanimously voted in favor of the SPEEDVEGAS project. The SPEEDVEGAS experience will feature a Welcome Center, Event Center and masterfully designed supercar course. Located just 10 minutes from the world-famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, SPEEDVEGAS is poised to become a South Las Vegas Boulevard iconic destination. SPEEDVEGAS is scheduled to open in January 2016.

“We are thankful to the community and Commission for embracing the project,” said Aaron Fessler, Co-Founder and CEO of SPEEDVEGAS. “The vision has been to develop an experience that most have only dreamt of. Thanks to the overwhelming support of Las Vegas, that vision is now realized as SPEEDVEGAS.”

SPEEDVEGAS will offer experiences driving or riding in the world’s most sought-after exotic and muscle cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Ford Shelby Mustang, Corvette and many more. Visitors will feel the true performance of these supercars on a course inspired by Formula One racetracks with rising elevation changes, sweeping turns and a straightaway that compares to the world’s top circuits. The masterfully designed course will be fully lit allowing for evening experiences and events. The unique Las Vegas Event Center will accommodate thousands of people. The multilevel Welcome Center will have indoor and outdoor observation decks, a café, meeting space and much more.

“We are listening to the visitors, and to Las Vegas. Visitors are seeking extraordinary life experiences that they cannot do at home,” said Allison Raskansky, Vice President of Business Development of SPEEDVEGAS. “We have teamed up with leading Vegas professionals, representing different segments of the tourism industry, to ensure SPEEDVEGAS will deliver what the visitors are looking for and that Las Vegas will be proud to call its own.”

SPEEDVEGAS is the culmination of preparation, research and experience gathered over nearly a decade by the owners of World Class Driving and founders of this project, Aaron Fessler and Tom Mizzone. They are proud to have World Class Driving recognized by TripAdvisor as the # 1 driving experience for several years and plan to continue exceeding the customers’ expectations with SPEEDVEGAS.

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