Looking For A Car? Automatically Search Millions Of Online Listings With Autoist

Search tool revolutionizes the way buyers find vehicles online with free, automated search

In a sea of so many different online automotive shopping sites, classified resources and auction sites, finding the perfect car or truck on the Internet can be a daunting task. Autoist is an automated search engine that aggregates millions of automotive listings to help buyers quickly and easily find their next new or used car online.

Autoist (formerly Autoline) features a proprietary live search engine that is unlike any online auto shopping tool currently available. It’s always active, tracking the 80,000-200,000 new automotive listings posted every day — as many as 10 million total active postings — from more than 400 sources. Users simply input their parameters and Autoist goes to work, searching hundreds of online resources continuously and sending an email or push notification on the Autoist mobile application whenever a match is found.

“Autoist was created by people who love cars but were exhausted by the process of searching online for them,” said Chris Loar, Autoist’s CEO. “Since launching our invite-only beta, we’ve seen tremendous interest and have a waiting list. Whether people are looking for a hard-to-find collectible or the best price on a new or used car or truck, Autoist makes it easy and hassle-free,” he added.

Autoist’s live search parameters can be tailored to be broad or specific. The search typically begins with a make and model, then users can customize the options and specify details like price, mileage or location. Searches can run for a day, a week, a month or even years.

“Car buyers can now stop searching and start finding,” said Loar.

To start finding your next automobile or to learn more, visit autoist.com.

About Autoist

Autoist is an innovative new way to search for vehicles online. Through a proprietary live search technology is always searching on the user’s behalf by scouring hundreds of automotive shopping sites, classifieds and auction listings, Autoist delivers only cars that match a user’s specific criteria, eliminating the need to search multiple sites. Headquartered in Denver, Autoist was founded in 2014 to help car buyers stop searching and start finding.

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