CIO Review Recognizes MaximTrak For ‘Revolutionizing Automotive Retail’

For second year, IT periodical cites F&I technologies provider for driving digital innovation

For the second year in a row, CIO Review magazine has recognized MaximTrak Technologies as a leading automotive technology solutions provider, this year featuring company president Jim Maxim, Jr. as its cover story.

CIO Review profiles technology solutions that can redefine the business goals of their users. In naming MaximTrak, it noted that the company’s digital F&I platform exceeds dealership and customer expectations. This tool called FLITE does so by combining the latest digital technology, streamlined transaction processes, customer-centric educational videos, visual sales presentations, interactive surveys, and custom package building to improve margins and product penetration for auto, powersports and RV dealerships. Readers can download an excerpt of the MaximTrak article from the MaximTrak website (

“CIO Review and its review board recognized that the digital F&I technologies and customer-centric focus we pioneered for dealers are becoming understood as critical focal points of the automotive industry,” Maxim said.

To assist with its 2015 evaluation of contenders, the magazine assembled a panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, chief marketing officers, venture capitalists and analysts. “In our selection, we looked at vendors’ capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex automotive landscape,” the editors said.

CIO review points out that dealers using MaximTrak can realize significant profitability increases. Dealerships using MaximTrak report an average 33% increase in service contract penetration and over $500 per car higher PVR (Per Vehicle Retailed). For Chrysler Mopar and its private labeled solution called MenuConnect, MaximTrak helped boost average dealer increases of over $535 per vehicle.

“Right from our conception, we knew that technology could streamline and improve dealership F&I departments,” CIO Review quotes Maxim. “Our job was to move the F&I needle and enhance profitability, all the while ensuring compliance and providing tools to enable a better customer experience,” he said.

MaximTrak Technologies, Inc. is the automotive, motorcycle, boat, RV, and powersports industry’s premier F&I Menu and Reporting Systems provider. The MaximTrak platform transforms the vehicle delivery process into a customer friendly program that converts conventional F&I wisdom into consistent, repeatable and sustainable results.

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