SOMS Technologies Announces Expansion Of microGreen Extended Performance Filter Line

High performance filtration company releases premium air filter line to dramatically extend air filter change intervals

SOMS Technologies LLC, the manufacturer of the microGreen® Extended Performance Oil Filter, [recently] announced the expansion of its high performance product line to include the microGreen Extended Performance Air Filter, an air filter that extends change intervals up to three years or 45,000 miles.

microGreen’s Extended Performance Air Filters are 99 percent efficient and hold three times more dirt than a standard air filter. The advanced dual-stage filtration system with a synthetic pre-filter extends the air filter change interval from every year to three years. The microGreen air filter is a direct replacement for a conventional filter.

“The microGreen Air Filter dramatically reduces the filter changes for a vehicle,” said microGreen CEO Camilla Denison. “This significantly reduces operating costs and maintenance time and also benefits the environment by reducing the amount of air filters going into the landfill.”

Benefits of the microGreen Extended Performance Air Filter include:

Advanced dual-stage filtration technology with superior efficiency and dirt holding capacity.

Captures and holds more dirt to keep engines cleaner over extended use and time.

Change filter only every three years or 45,000 miles.

Saves money while protecting the environment.

Provides exceptional filtration and protection as compared to leading air filter brands.

microGreen is a leader in premium filtration technology. The company’s first product, the microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter, is the most advanced technological leap in engine oil filtration in the past 30 years. The microGreen difference provides extended performance to change your oil at much greater intervals than a conventional filter.

About microGreen Extended Performance Filters

microGreen® Extended Performance Filters are technologically advanced vehicle filtration products that significantly reduce maintenance costs for both individual vehicles and fleets and are better for the environment. Using unique designs, patented technologies and premium materials, microGreen filters achieve extended performance with filtration efficiency and capacity far beyond the capabilities of standard conventional filters. microGreen filters have been overwhelmingly accepted by leading national and local fleets as a way to reduce maintenance costs and protect the environment. The company is headquartered in Valhalla,

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