Azuga Celebrates 1000th Customer Milestone; Expands Engineering And Sales Operations In Bangalore

The Disruptive Cloud-based Connected Vehicle Product Company Continues its Momentum With a Hiring Plan for 600 People in a New Bangalore Facility in the Next 12 Months

Azuga, the innovative cloud-based, rewards-driven, connected fleet and driver behavior solution, announced its 1,000-customer milestone. Commercial fleets both large and small, across all industries are benefiting from Azuga Fleet’s comprehensive social telematics offering. Azuga began Q1 2015 with several large fleet deployments, each with more than 2,000 vehicles, a testament to the breadth of its offering, and the appeal of enterprise fleet managers to driver-centric, rewards-driven solutions. Azuga also announced general availability of its Fleet product for the Indian market.

In addition, Azuga announced the availability of its Azuga Insight product for road usage charging in the state of Oregon. Faced with declining fuel tax revenues due to increases in fuel efficiency of gasoline powered vehicles coupled with a higher population of hybrid and electric vehicles, states in the USA are in various stages of implementation to get a fair share of tax based on miles driven to help them maintain public roads and bridges.

To support this rapid growth in products and services, Azuga announced that it has moved to a brand new facility in Bangalore, India and has ramped up hiring to bring in 600 new team members in the next twelve months.

“The growth of Azuga’s Bangalore facility is a testament to the ingenuity of the talent here to completely execute a product strategy and follow that up with end-to-end marketing and sales execution into the US and Canadian markets,” said Ananth Rani, Co-Founder and President of Azuga. “End-to-end sales execution has been so impactful, that some of our team members have increased their salaries by over 800% in one year. Unlike other Silicon Valley companies that execute product work based on strategy and guidance from US management, Azuga Bangalore has inverted the model and has become the center of the universe for all Azuga operations. Highly empowered, self-organizing teams in a flat structure are delivering world class products. We are seeing the sequel to ‘The World is Flat’ in terms of what Indian talent can do and are now tripling down on that investment in India,” he added.

In addition to the US and Canadian markets, Azuga announced that resellers in Latin America were gaining significant traction. Trials have started in the UK and Australia and sales operations have started in India with several customers responding very positively to an automotive-grade OBD II plug-and-play device along with Azuga product offerings.

“Azuga was started with a vision to develop a best of breed platform and product suite for connected vehicles and to deliver unparalleled value to customers through continuous innovation and best-in-class quality,” said Raju Dandu, Chairman of Azuga. “With the breadth of automotive knowledge, cloud software and platforms coupled with device manufacturing experience and vehicle compatibility, we are uniquely positioned to offer a single platform for customers across consumer and enterprise. This new investment enables Azuga to extend its global capabilities in the areas of product development, technology, sales, support and customer success,” he added.

About Azuga

Silicon Valley-based Azuga is shaking up the traditional GPS vehicle tracking market with industry-first price points, easy-install hardware, lifetime warranties and no contract terms. The innovative connected vehicle provider’s cloud-based, social telematics technology is disrupting the traditional Fleet Telematics marketplace. In addition, Azuga is future-proofing customer investments in its technology by providing a best-in-class Road Usage Charge platform to states that are looking into mileage-based user fees to offset declining fuel-tax revenues.

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