Luxury Line Auto Rental Celebrates Five Full Years Of The Porsche Panamera

To mark half a decade of Porsche Panamera sales in the United States, Luxury Line Auto Rental is making the newest 2015 model available for rental customers.

After it was unveiled at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in 2009, sales of the four-door Porsche Panamera began in late 2009 and have held steady ever since. With five solid years of sales from 2010 through 2014, auto enthusiasts have helped Porsche prove that the Panamera is here to stay. Luxury Line Auto Rental is celebrating by making the new 2015 Porsche Panamera available to auto enthusiasts for rental in Los Angeles. While Luxury Line Auto Rental has a wide variety of luxury cars in their fleet, the Panamera is truly something special.

The Panamera – The inspiration for the Panamera was a never-produced concept car unveiled by Porsche in the 1980s, known simply as the 989. Both the 989 and the Panamera are similar to most Porsches due to their sporty coupe style, but unique in they are both four door vehicles. This four door design is preferred by families because everyone is able to comfortably ride along and enjoy the luxury and power that has made Porsche a household name. The outside of the Panamera is designed by the respected German car designer, Michael Mauer, and the inside is the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship.

Even better, what’s under the hood is made to match the car’s overall exceptional aesthetic. The Panamera is equipped with a 430 horsepower engine that is capable of taking passengers from zero to 60 in just four seconds. The Panamera offers renters a drive that is truly as thrilling as they will ever experience in a four door vehicle; a big enough thrill to make them forget how much utility the car actually has.

Although the vehicle is undoubtedly exceptional, where a person rents it from really does factor into their overall rental experience. Luxury Line Auto Rental is the best place to go to for a Porsche Panamera rental in Los Angeles because they keep all of their luxury vehicles in tip-top cosmetic and mechanical shape. Luxury is all about power, performance, and beauty, so all of these factors most be considered in the upkeep of a car. The employees of Luxury Line Auto Rental are auto enthusiasts just like their customers, so they take pride in their ability to keep all their cars like-new.

Another reason that customers love Luxury Line Auto Rental is that they offer weekly discounts on all of their luxury vehicles. Because the weekly rate is more affordable than many competitors, renters do not feel rushed with the time that they have in their vehicle, and they are able to truly enjoy the luxury that they are paying for. While many of Luxury Line Auto Rental’s customers are travelers who would like to enjoy driving a world-class vehicle while visiting Los Angeles, others are local enthusiasts who simply want to treat themselves to several days with their dream car.

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