Free Theory And Hazard Perception App Is UK First For Learner Drivers

The new Theory and Hazard Perception app from SmartDriving is the first totally free app for UK learner drivers

SmartDriving is a well-known company in the driver training industry and has provided services for driving instructors for many years, but it’s now bringing its expertise in driver training direct to all learner drivers.

The first Learner Drivers product from SmartDriving is a totally free app to help prepare learners for the all-important theory and hazard perception test – a test that must be taken by all learners before they can take the practical driving test.

Theory and hazard perception apps are not new, but up to now, learners have had to pay for their learning or be bombarded with adverts. The new SmartDriving app is the first full-featured test preparation app that is available free-of-charge to learners.

SmartDriving founder John Farlam said:

“We have long believed that theory test preparation resources should be free for learners in the same way that the online Highway Code is, and we are now proud to be the first UK Company to make free learning a reality.”

The new app includes multiple choice questions and streaming video clips covering all aspects of learning to drive, including comprehensive official Government advice and information; it’s available on both Apple and Android platforms and also as a web app making it available for virtually every computer, tablet and phone.

Development manager Adam Bragg said: “We are currently developing a range of resources to help learners to get the best from their practical driving lessons by learning at home – there are more free apps on the way soon as well as new resources for driving instructors – our aim is to become the leading name in UK driver training”.

Find out more about the new app by visiting:

Company SmartDriving:

SmartDriving was founded in 1999 by John Farlam who had been a driving instructor since 1979 working at all levels with both learners and experienced drivers. The company trains people to become driving instructors and provides online resources for driving instructors and learner drivers.

Background information:

The learners Theory Test was introduced on July 1st 1996 with the Hazard Perception test being added in 2002. The test is administered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

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