Bandito Brothers Expands Social Media Presence With Launch Of Unique Branded Content Partnership

Social Community Offered Access to Exclusive PORSCHES OF LA Event Coverage via Newly Expanded Social Platforms

Full-service content creation studio Bandito Brothers announced a new initiative to distribute unique and original content via their newly expanded social media platforms, beginning with a partnership with Luftgekhult, a one-of-a-kind gathering of some of Southern California’s rarest and finest Porsches. Bandito Brothers will open their studio doors on March 1st to host the special event and will release exclusive content from the festivities on their social media platforms, giving fans a unique look at these classic automobiles. The series will mark the start of direct distribution for future original content from Bandito Brothers, expanding their presence and giving the social community an insider’s perspective into the unique entertainment that the studio is creating.

Luftgekhult (German for “air-cooled”), curated by Porsche factory racer Patrick Long and produced in collaboration with Venice-based motorcycle emporium Deus Ex Machina will celebrate air-cooled Porsches from 1948-1998, displaying the elite private collections of some of LA’s biggest Porsche lovers, as well as iconic offerings from the Petersen Automotive Museum. Building on past successes with experiential entertainment like the Toyota Camry Thrill Ride, Lexus Instafilm, and Hot Wheels For Real, Bandito Brothers looks to bring their distinctive brand to this event and to the social media community.

Ryan Slavin, Executive Producer at Bandito Brothers, says, “We are proud to host Luftgekhult at Bandito Brothers for this unique event. Authentic and inspiring experiences like these are a huge part of our company’s DNA and we’re thrilled to open our doors to the LA Porsche community.”

He added, “We are also excited to share an inside look at Luftgekhult’s amazing and rare gathering of cars with our fans in the social sphere. Bandito Brothers are always striving to find new ways to entertain and thrill our audience and to bring our work to life.”

Luftgekhult’s story began when Long got excited about sharing his love for Porsche on the local level.

“Originally we wanted to tell the story of vintage Porsches and the people from LA who drive them,” Long said. After hosting one successful gathering at Deus Ex Machina’s shop in Venice, California—featuring Porsches from the collections of well-known “Porschefiles” such as Patrick Dempsey, Magnus Walker, Jeff Zwart, and Alwin Springer, Long was excited about the move down the road to Bandito Brothers.

Slavin added, “When we were approached by Patrick and the Luftgekhult team, we jumped at the opportunity to bring Porsche to life in a new way. Live events have always been at the heart of our mission, so it’s great to bring one directly into the literal heart of our studio operation.”

In conjunction with the event, Bandito Brothers will roll out a series of exclusive media on their expanded social platforms, giving fans a first-hand look inside the Luftgekhult event.

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