Parents Of Novice Drivers Show Strong Support For Black Box Technology And The Graduated Driving License

Nearly half of all parents of novice drivers in the EU (46%) support black box technology[1] that would allow them to monitor their child’s speed and driving behavior according to new findings from tire manufacturer Goodyear.

In the EU, the strongest support is in Italy (73%), Poland (72%) and Romania (72%). Across Europe, the level of backing for black box technology is similar among driving instructors, 47% of whom endorse the technology.

The new findings derived from a Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) survey of more than 6800 parents of novice drivers from 19 countries. This research informed the new edition of the company’s White Paper ‘Driving Safety First’.[2]

Black box technology is a growing trend and new impulses can be expected from the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. In-vehicle monitoring can significantly reduce risky behaviors, especially among young drivers. Research also indicates that novice drivers are more likely to improve their driving when they are aware that they are being watched by their parents.

John Lepine, president of the European Driving Schools Association, says: “The voluntary use of telematics (black box technology) by young drivers is helping them to keep to rules of the road and curb any ‘moments of madness’ they might be tempted to undertake. As long as they remain voluntary there are few objections to their use.”

Some insurance companies in Europe adjust their premiums based on how safely the person drives on the road, and can even withdraw the premium in case the driver is considered too ‘unsafe’.[3]

Another initiative designed to improve road safety that has received strong support from both parents and driving instructors is the graduated driving license. Across the EU, 42% of parents of novice drivers favor a graduated license system. Support among parents is highest in the UK where 66% support graduated licensing and lowest in Sweden where only 15% are in favor.

The new edition of Goodyear’s Road Safety White Paper can be downloaded at

1. A type of telematics technology that monitors and records driving behaviour.

2. Goodyear’s Road Safety White Paper “Driving Safety First: Improving road safety for novice drivers” can be downloaded at .

3. RoSPA Policy Paper ‘Road Safety and in vehicle monitoring, 2013’.

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