MBUSA Creates Interactive Instagram Experience For Consumers To Build Their Own GLA

First automaker to allow consumers to customize a vehicle within the photo-sharing platform

Hot off the September arrival of the highly anticipated 2015 GLA compact SUV, Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) is using the native functionality of Instagram to allow users to build their own version of the all-new luxury compact SUV with a few simple taps in the app. Allowing consumers to customize their vehicle plays an important role in the online shopping experience, and Mercedes-Benz is providing a unique tool for mobile-first consumers with the @GLA_Build_Your_Own account.

Following the success of the #GLApacked Instagram campaign, MBUSA (Instagram: @MBUSA) continues to innovate with the photo-sharing platform to interact in new ways with a digitally savvy constituency. In order to build the interactive experience, the automaker created hundreds of Instagram accounts, uploaded more than a thousand images and utilized the platform’s tagging functionality. Personalized vehicle options include color, wheels, roof and grille designs.

“Rather than approach the younger demographic with intrusive marketing, we wanted the interaction to be engaging and enjoyable on a familiar platform like Instagram,” said Eric Jillard, general manager of marketing services for MBUSA.BU complete card - 2014 - final “The GLA is our first compact SUV that was truly designed with adventurers in mind and with its great value and strong design appeal, we believe young consumers will have a natural affinity with it.”

Here’s how it works:

Search for Instagram user @GLA_Build_Your_Own

Click “Tap to start” and the tag to “Choose your color” appears

By tapping the tag links, the user is linked to another account that displays 11 color options

After selecting a color, the user taps the screen again to choose one of three wheel options

From there, the user chooses between a standard roof or a panorama roof and between a standard or illuminated grille

The user’s personalized GLA is then displayed with the MSRP

The campaign, created in conjunction with digital agency partner Razorfish, is the most recent in a series of activations by MBUSA for the launch of the GLA. Others include the #GLApacked Instagram photo series, featuring celebrities and influencers such as Ricky Fowler and Tyler James Williams, as well as the Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour, a nine-city, invite-only concert series.

Upcoming MB Evolution Tour performances include San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and a special final stop in New Orleans for a concert benefitting the Mercedes-Benz charitable partner Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA. For further details and a chance to win tickets, visit mbevolutiontour.com.

About Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, is responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service for all Mercedes-Benz products in the United States. MBUSA offers drivers the most diverse line-up in the luxury segment with 14 model lines ranging from the sporty CLA-Class four-door coupe to the flagship S-Class.

MBUSA is also responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans, and smart products in the U.S.

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