KLD Energy Technologies Partners With Kenguru Inc. To Provide Mobility Vehicles Free To Qualified U.S. Veterans

–New Vehicle Will Provide Wounded U.S. Veterans and Other Wheelchair-Enabled Citizens Added Mobility and Independence–

KLD Energy Technologies, an emerging leader in electric drive system engineering, development and manufacturing with headquarters in Austin, Texas, announced today they have formed an engineering and development partnership with Kenguru Inc. to develop Kenguru’s 2nd generation steering wheel controlled all-electric low-speed vehicle that will provide reliable transportation and increased mobility for wounded U.S. veterans and other wheelchair enabled drivers. Both companies are based in Central Texas and this all-new partnership will create additional jobs in Texas. President Barack Obama also visited with Kenguru earlier in the year and praised Kenguru for its efforts to build an eco-friendly mobility vehicle designed for handicapped drivers. The wheelchair accessible vehicle will be available for less than $25,000. Additionally, every service member and veteran who qualifies for the Automobile Allowance Program through the Veterans Administration (VA) can receive a vehicle at no cost, as the allowances will cover the estimated cost of the Kenguru vehicle.

“We are extremely proud to announce that KLD and Kenguru have teamed up to create an efficient electric vehicle that will provide much-needed mobility and personal freedom to so many Americans.BU complete card - 2014 - final We are also very excited to have the support of General Wesley Clark (Ret.) who is a tremendous supporter of service members and wounded veterans in need of vehicles and equipment like this,” said Christian Okonsky, Chief Executive Officer for KLD Energy Technology.

What makes KLD’s oneDrive system so unique for this mobility vehicle is that all of its components, the battery, motor and controller, are all designed to work in sync allowing the system to perfectly balance performance and efficiency. Safety is paramount for KLD and their strategic partnership with Samsung SDI™ has created one of the safest and highest performing energy storage solutions in the world. Using light-weight lithium–ion power cells, KLD is able to achieve the maximum amount of performance while maintaining superior efficiency. The system is also engineered to have a low cost of ownership and minimal maintenance requirements.

“Partnering with a great company like KLD Energy Technologies was an easy decision for us here at Kenguru,” said Stacy Zoern, President of Kenguru Inc. “KLD’s technology and experience in the electric propulsion industry was what made them such an attractive partner.”

“I am proud to be part of an American company like KLD Energy. They are a leader in electric propulsion technology and are supplying their system to improve the quality of life worldwide,” said retired Army General Wesley Clark – an Advisor to KLD. “This specific project with Kenguru is incredible. With every vehicle designed for enhanced mobility, we are showing much needed support for our veterans and disabled citizens.”

About KLD Energy Technologies Inc.

Austin, Texas-based KLD Energy Technologies’ mission is to develop innovative, sustainable propulsion technologies for the electric vehicle marketplace and beyond. The KLD propulsion and generation system is applicable in a broad range of markets, including: elevators, air conditioners, pumps, generators and other applications. Focused on the research, development and commercialization of advanced and sustainable technologies, KLD has received worldwide interest. The company recently won an Edison Award for innovation and excellence for energy sustainability for transportation.

About Kenguru

Pflugerville, Texas-based Kenguru, Inc. mission is to give people in wheelchairs freedom and independence to live a mobile life. Familiar with the extremely limited transportation options for people who use wheelchairs, Kenguru, Inc. designs and produces electric low speed vehicles (LSVs) specifically for this market. The ease of use and independence the Kenguru vehicles provide are game changers for members of the wheelchair community, who drive the Kenguru while staying seated in their wheelchair. The driver enters the Kenguru via a ramp and hatchback in the rear of the vehicle, without the need for specialized lifts or assistance, and can travel independently up to 60 miles a day at up to 35 mph.

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