RITEDRIVE Changes The Luxury And Exotic Car Buying Business

Through RITEDRIVE’s groundbreaking approach, functionality and software, luxury car buyers, dealers and sellers have an unprecedented way to connect and conduct business through an industry leading fully online showroom sales platform.

RITEDRIVE-the Luxury Car Community announced today the launch of their newly redesigned site and network.BU complete card - 2014 - final Those selling and buying luxury cars can now connect in with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Sellers gain instant access to hundreds of serious dealers and buyers. At the same time, dealers and buyers gain access to some of the world’s best luxury car opportunities.

RITEDRIVE effectively combines the power of the world’s most exclusive luxury and exotic car broker/dealer network with the industry’s leading online showroom sales platform. Through highly effective and intuitive software, buyers and sellers are able to quickly connect in an elite community.

Dealers are hand selected by expert staff to ensure that RITEDRIVE is able to provide the optimal luxury car options. Individuals have the option to post a car to the exclusive network, allowing dealers to bid to own.

Founder/CEO, Nick Garulay stated, “We are very excited to change the market yet keep it with in an elite community. Any car seller looking to reach the largest number of qualified and interested buyers will find RITEDRIVE to be invaluable. The exclusive nature of our company ensures that those seeking a truly exceptional luxury car option will save considerable time and effort.”

Dealers and individuals alike can post to an exclusive group of luxury and exotic car dealers who can pay top dollar for vehicles. Once a deal is made, dealers or interested parties can pay for the car in just 24 hours and pick it up within 48 hours.

Aivors Lode added, “Why not expose your car to dealers with 7 figure bank accounts who can instantly wire you money and have your car picked up within in 24 hours? This is exactly what we can do for our members.”


Since 2007, RITE has streamlined the luxury car buying experience. This exclusive network was designed to put the “RITE” cars and the “RITE” buyers together in one place. RITEDRIVE’s easy to use and intuitive website design and software ensures that luxury car sellers can quickly find buyers and dealers looking for the world’s top luxury and exotic cars.

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