Car Sales & The Art Of War

Car Sales & The Art of War is a unique and revolutionary approach to achieving a Corporate Culture capable of exceeding and sustaining all key commercial and social responsibility ambitions.

Our research began with an enquiry from an Automotive manufacturer/dealer which gave rise to a range ofcrowdUNIQUE complete card - 2014 - small questions stimulated by prevailing market practises, industry standard benchmarks and pertinent Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

It became apparent that the ‘benchmarks’ used were arbitrary and not supported by real objective evidence. As a result the KPI’s were aligned to achieve historical, self-imposed standards of performance, creating a ‘glass ceiling’.

These glass ceilings are reinforced by sales trainers and consultants employed to achieve and sustain these KPI’s and benchmarks, who by using the same techniques for each client are contributing to the homogenisation of the market.

Through a combination of interrelated professional disciplines and philosophies, we have developed a framework of cross departmental Key Performance Indicators and training to change and improve the way business is done, significantly outperforming the existing benchmarks.

While the fundamental approach is common to all companies, the actual structure is bespoke, largely because each is different in terms of its employees, location and commitment.

Philip Harmer is a Partner at Stormcatcher LLP, Barrister, International Commercial Arbitrator, Mediator and Corporate Culture Architect. Author and Speaker on Corporate Culture with industry expertise in the Automotive, Retail, Construction, Property and Financial Services industries.

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