Germans Want Transport Policies Updated For The Smartphone Generation

Poll shows over half of Germans aged 18-35 believe government should do more to support ridesharing

62% say competition and innovation should be encouraged by the government

60% welcome new transport options in their area

A recent poll shows that the vast majority of 18- to 35-years-old Germans are in favour of ridesharing with 70% either considering doing it or having tried it already. Furthermore, more than half of those polled believe the Government should do more to support these new transportation options. These are the results of a national poll among 18-35 year olds, commissioned by Uber, conducted by Penn Schoen Berland* on August 27-28, 2014.

The results of the poll prove that young Germans like innovation, competition and new transport concepts with 3 in 5 saying they would want the government to encourage more competition and innovation in general, and they would like new transportation options in their region.

“At Uber we believe, ridesharing will be able to make a significant contribution to the future of individual transportation. uberPOP is a fresh, innovative ridesharing solution that combines both safety and flexibility by connecting riders with drivers to make better use of the cars on the road,BU complete card - 2014 - final which supports the environment and helps drivers share the cost of car ownership. With uberPOP, everyone wins,” says Fabien Nestmann, General Manager, Uber Germany.

Whilst only 5% of young Germans currently use ridesharing, a vast majority of 65% would consider ridesharing as an option. Particularly in rural areas people feel there aren’t enough public transportation options.

“This is highly motivating and explains why Uber has been growing so quickly in Germany. There is a particularly strong demand for Uber in rural areas which shows us that there is a great potential in this country, which is fantastic as we are looking to expand into new regions. Uber is the fastest, safest and most convenient way to get around and we’re delighted the Germans agree”
, said Fabien Nestmann.

Details to the quoted results:

55% say the government should do more to support ridesharing

62% say competition and innovation should be encouraged by the government

60% welcome new transport options in their area

68% say there aren’t enough transportation options in rural areas

5% have already used ridesharing, 65% would consider it

Uber is a technology firm providing access to transportation options including ridesharing. In Germany Uber operates in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf and is planning to expand to further regions by the end of the year. Globally Uber operates in 205 cities in 45 countries.

* About the Survey: Global communications consultancy Penn Schoen and Berland (PSB) conducted 1,002 online interviews in Germany with respondents 18-35 years old.

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