AVRS Surpasses All Incumbent DMV Service Providers Within 3 Years

Today Robert Rieger, CEO and founder of AVRS, announced that AVRS has earned the most customers in the Business Partner Automation Program. The verification of this milestone is based on recent figures attained from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.Gulf Fuels 2

AVRS provides innovative solutions to all aspects of the California electronic registration services markets including; new and used car franchises and dealerships, credit unions, insurance agencies, and financial institutions that require electronic registration services.

Rieger stated, “Milestones are excellent to achieve as they allow us to understand how well our products and services are being received by our customers, but our focus is much more than becoming the number one service provider in the State of California.” Rieger went on to state, “Attaining this milestone is only the beginning of a full strategic roll out of additional services and applications for our current customers as well as the many new customers that choose the AVRS platform every single month.”

AVRS is the only independently owned first line service provider in California and recently won a National Stevie Award for customer service. Rieger stated, “The velocity that we have achieved to attain this milestone is further bolstered by the 99.7% retention rate of all customers who have chosen AVRS as their first line service provider. Customer retention is ultimately the indicator we focus on since it is the voice of our customer.”

Recent AVRS announcements have focused on deepening the executive team with seasoned veterans who have developed companies on a national scale, while at the same time, creating the structure to maintain a leadership position for the long term.

About AVRS

AVRS is a pioneer in developing technology for the California DMV Business Partner Automation program. With a focus on efficiency and ease of use, modern technology has been utilized to bring an unrivaled web-based solution to the registration marketplace. All of this is backed by award winning customer support and an expert training team making AVRS your complete solution for DMV processing.

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