Nation’s Top GM Recall Attorney Thomas J. Henry Comments On Victim Compensation Plan Announcement And Reacts To News Of New GM Ignition Switch Recall Affecting 8.4 Million Vehicles

Firm is Representing More than 1,300 GM Recall Injury and Death Victims

Thomas J. Henry, the nation’s top GM recall attorney, is analyzing GM’s Compensation Plan announced by Ken Feinberg MondayGulf Fuels CORE and is speaking with clients around the country about the pros and cons of taking the Plan’s payout in lieu of going to trial. Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys currently represents more than 1,300 individuals injured and family members of individuals killed in accidents involving GM vehicles recalled for defective ignition switches.

Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys has worked with Ken Feinberg over the last several months to help create a Compensation Plan that would be fair and just for all victims injured and family members of victims killed in accidents involving recalled GM vehicles. The firm was the first in the country to meet with Feinberg and has since been instrumental in helping to develop the Plan to get it to its current state.

“Although the terms of the plan could not be litigated, we used every tool and resource we had to persuade Feinberg to create a plan that was fair to our clients and their families,” lead attorney Thomas J. Henry stated.

The Compensation Plan

GM’s Compensation Plan provides an avenue for client claim resolution through a system developed by Feinberg. Any individual injured or family member of an individual killed in a recalled vehicle who does not wish for their claim to be handled by the Plan has the option to opt out and pursue litigation instead.

“While we pushed for our clients’ best interests to be included in the plan, we also left the option open for our clients to file suit if they do not feel that the plan is the best choice for them and their families,” Thomas J. Henry stated.

The plan and eligibility criteria are complex. Clients must fill out the correct paperwork and submit the appropriate documentation, medical records, vehicle information records, and other proof or risk having their claim disqualified or rejected.

“The plan is very complex,” Thomas J. Henry stated. “We will continue to help every client who chooses the plan fulfill the requirements necessary to receive compensation.”

Although the firm is pleased that GM has taken responsibility for the recall delays, injuries, and deaths, lead attorneys remain skeptical about whether or not the Plan alone will properly compensate all clients with their unique and devastating personal situations.

“This is why we also asserted the option for our clients to opt out of the plan if they were not satisfied with the award offered. If they do opt out, they can move into the litigation and trial phase to let a jury decide their case and its value,” Thomas J. Henry stated.

Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys Continues to Lead the Nation in GM Recall Representation
Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys continues to lead the nation in serious injury and death cases- representing more than 1,300 recalls victims, including 433 seriously injured victims and the families of 81 fatal victims.

Since the first ignition switch recall was announced in February, Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys has launched multiple awareness and investigation campaigns across multiple media platforms to warn consumers about the dangers posed by the recalled vehicles, to collect information used in pending lawsuits and in federal investigations, and to push for a “Park It Now” order to get the vehicles off the road.

The firm’s efforts have coincided with numerous additional recalls by GM:

•February 25, 2014- 1.6 million vehicles recalled
•March 28, 2014- 970,000 vehicles recalled
•April 9, 2014- 2.59 million vehicles recalled
•June 13, 2014- 511,000 vehicles recalled
•June 16, 2014- 3.3 million vehicles recalled
•June 30, 2014- 8.4 million vehicles recalled

News broke about GM’s latest recall of 8.4 million vehicles just after the Compensation Plan was announced Monday. Although the Compensation Plan only covers GM vehicles recalled in February-April, the firm is prepared to pursue all claims of injury and death caused by GM vehicles with defective ignition switches.

About Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys

Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys is a national injury firm representing GM recall victims in nearly every state in the U.S. The firm is currently representing more than 1,300 people who died, family members who lost loved ones, serious injury victims, and others harmed by the GM ignition switch recall.

One of the largest personal injury firms in the United States, Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys has been representing injured victims nationwide for more than 25 years. The firm specializes in wrongful death, on the job injury, child injury, pharmaceutical litigation, product liability, catastrophic injury, and company vehicle and 18-wheeler accident cases.

The firm was recently recognized by the National Law Journal for having one of the Top 100 verdicts in the country in 2013 and by Texas Lawyer for having three of the top Texas verdicts for the year. These cases involved work injuries and company vehicle accidents. This comes on the heels of winning the number one back injury verdict in the country in 2012. Thomas J. Henry was also recognized by Parenting Magazine as one of the Top Birth Injury Advocates in the Country and by as one of the Top 15 Personal Injury Attorneys in the Nation.

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