Yamaha Motor’s Futuristic TRICITY Extends Growing World Of Personal Mobility

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced on July 1 the Japan-market release of the TRICITY, the first in aGulf Fuels CORE series of vehicles that offer users new values through Yamaha’s “Leaning Multi Wheel (L.M.W.)” mechanism. A highly futuristic three-wheeler motorcycle, the TRICITY extends Yamaha’s vision of a growing world of personal mobility filled with highly distinct vehicles.

Yamaha Motor reaches out to consumers worldwide with innovative concepts, superior technologies and dynamic designs. With its revolutionary new TRICITY, Yamaha has combined a feeling of stability and sporty handling for a whole new kind of personal-motoring enjoyment. Embodying the design concept “Smart for All,” the TRICITY will create a brand new world of riders, as well as a new market for personal mobility.

The TRICITY is one of several vehicles to incorporate Yamaha’s ingenious Leaning-Multi-Wheel mechanism, which will embrace commuter vehicles and even sport utilities in the foreseeable future.

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