Switching Gears: Performance Industry Publishing (PIP) Has A New Owner

Auto parts maker James Wilkins buys Scottsdale, AZ-based online publishing/marketing organization. PIP founder Fleet Thompson will continue to run PIP’s sales and marketing efforts

About 10 years ago, longtime automotive aftermarket veteran Fleet Thompson started Performance Industry Publishing (PIP) to help facilitate communications between manufacturers, jobbers/retailers and consumers to stimulate sales.Gulf Fuels CORE With the industry in a constant state of flux, Thompson felt he needed help to take PIP “to the next level,” so he recently sold the company to manufacturer James Wilkins, who takes over as president and CEO.

“I recognized I needed someone like Jim to spearhead the company and guide its growth,” said Thompson, who will remain with PIP and head up the company’s marketing and sales. “Jim fit the slot perfectly.”

Wilkins, who has an engineering degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, is also the owner of Centillion Industries, which manufactures auto aftermarket and motorcycle parts for OEMs.

“My involvement in manufacturing aftermarket performance parts, coupled with a results-based sales and marketing background just made this opportunity a great fit,” said Wilkins. “Plus, once you get the performance bug, you can never get over it. Fleet and I hit it off immediately and are a great team.​”

Wilkins said he was drawn to PIP because “I’ve always enjoyed helping businesses save money and expand their sales…and that’s exactly what PIP does. Fleet and I share a common vision for what we can do to help manufacturers increase sales and reduce costs.”

Thompson, who has 40-plus years in the industry, said he’s “charged” about growing PIP and the specialty equipment aftermarket. “This has been a passion for me. I see a tremendous void in the aftermarket in the area of communications. PIP can drastically help reduce the cost of communications to the trade and consumers, and provide meaningful content.”

Wilkins added, “We plan to continue to build on our web marketing, which is evolving daily as the interaction with social media and the interests and habits of end-users develops new opportunities. Staying on top of the rapid changes in web marketing and social media trends, and knowing which sites and trends are appropriate venues for our clients is a major benefit we provide. It’s also an exciting and rewarding task for us, which allows our clients to concentrate on what they do best: developing and manufacturing new products.”

Performance Industry Publishing is a Scottsdale, AZ-based online publishing/marketing organization dedicated to improving communications between automotive aftermarket manufacturers, jobber/retailers and consumers.

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