OSG To Showcase Windshield With Integrated LCD screen – ScreeneX – At Eurosatory 2014

World’s first windshield with a built in LCD screen, suitable for military, civilian vehicles and transportation platforms.

ScreeneX, the world’s first windshield with a built in LCD screen, suitable for military, civilian vehicles and transportation platforms, will be launched by OSG at the Eurosatory defense fair in Paris from 16 to 20 June.Gulf Fuels 2

“The feature-rich ScreeneX digital display can be positioned anywhere within the vehicle’s windscreen and it is fully integrated into the screen’s structure,” said Daniel Cohen, CEO of OSG.

“The ScreeneX can display high-resolution video, text and graphics including maps and video feeds from a control base or from sensors and cameras mounted on the vehicle.

“Particularly in military settings it offers dramatically improved situational awareness while maximizing the space within the driver’s compartment. The ability to effectively display night vision adds to the system’s capabilities. These advantages are delivered while maintaining superior levels of safety. The rugged ScreeneX features an overlap of armored steel, ensuring no decrease in the protection level of the vehicle’s window. In addition, the Screenex’ s military-grade screen is fully protected from ballistics, theft or vandalism,” he said.

The ScreeneX is low maintenance and can be cleaned in the same way as other parts of the windscreen. The electronics unit is separate from the screen allowing easy maintenance and replacement of all components.

ScreeneX is suitable for use in any vehicle which has a windscreen, from the smallest land patrol vehicles to heavy transports, as well as marine and air applications. As it can be used to channel night vision, the ScreeneX is suitable for missions at night as well as during the day.

OSG will also display its revolutionary ADI technology for transparent armor. The ADI system replaces the conventional PC No-spall (shrapnel) plastic layer in transparent armor. The No-spall layer is typically attached to the ‘safe side’ of the glass, but it is subject to delamination and scratching, and requires careful maintenance, reducing the lifecycle of the transparent armor.

OSG’s ADI technology delivers the same level of protection while removing the need for plastic, effectively doubling the lifecycle of the transparent armor from 3-5 years to 4 -9 years.

OSG will also be display its line of Ultra-Light Weight technologies, which are 30% lighter than those currently on the market and a light weight advanced materials frame for transparent armor which is lighter than steel, equally durable, strong and cost effective compared to conventional technologies.

OSG’s recently developed a line of periscopes which will also be displayed at Eurosatory. The state of the art periscopes, designed to meet the most stringent military requirements, allow armored vehicle personnel to accurately manage battlefield situational awareness while remaining safely within the vehicle. OSG has developed a standard line of periscopes and can also tailor solutions to meet specific requirements. The periscopes come with optional protective coatings which provide UV-resistance, laser resistance, heat-resistance, and infrared protection as well as an improved field of vision.

About OSG

If it’s glass, OSG provides it. From transparent armor for the defense and security, military and civilian applications, automotive and architectural glass systems to glass for rail and heavy engineering machinery, OSG is a world-leading developer and manufacturer.

Founded in 1979, OSG has developed and provided glass for a range of specialized applications. Whether it is light weight compositions – some 40% lighter than competitors – or transparent armor, OSG creates the glass that satisfies your needs.

OSG’s in-house development and production teams work closely with academic experts to provide a continuous stream of improvements and innovations.

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