CARiD Offers Its Customers A New Way Of Shopping For Performance Parts

CARiD, one of the leading auto spare online stores, introduces a new performance parts section, significantly facilitating online shopping experience.

CARiD, a trusted online store supplying high quality auto spares all over the US, recently introduced a new way of shopping for performance parts.Gulf Fuels CORE Its new section, dedicated exclusively to performance parts allows easier search and site navigation. Instead of filling in precise search criteria, such as detail serial number, CARiD customers will now have a chance of browsing the entire selection of performance parts items, including yet not limited to engine components, fuel systems, brakes and rotors, turbochargers, exhaust systems, car batteries, etc. The full selection of CARiD performance items can now be found at

While considering the way of optimizing user experience, CARiD came to a conclusion that online shopping lacks one feature compared to on-site purchases. In particular, most online stores offer their customers a chance to search for items based on the precise search criteria instead of allowing the potential clients to simply browse all available goods in a relevant section. With this thought in mind, CARiD united all of its performance parts into one category that now includes the wide choice of relevant items in one place.

In addition, this larger section is in its turn subdivided into smaller categories that include a variety of performance systems, namely: suspension, exhaust, ignition, fuel, and so on. The larger category also includes such minor sub-categories as air filters, racing seats, steering wheels, spoilers, body kits, and many more. In other words, CARiD has done everything possible to facilitate shopping experience and inspire its regular and prospective clients to make well-informed consumer choices. Plus, customers looking for a specific detail can make use of the older search system and shop for required goods by serial number, keyword, brand, make, car model, etc. Despite introducing innovations, CARiD still values tradition and is willing to save their customers time and effort.

Those clients who have already purchased at must be aware that this online store collaborates with the leading automotive and original equipment manufacturers, including Dorman, EBC, DBA, Hawk, Wilwood, Hawk, Belltech, Terraflex, Hellwig, and many more. The direct partnership with the trusted OE brands allows CARiD to explicitly account for the highest quality of its assorted goods and offer a warranty with every order. The list of new goods is regularly updated and more items from reliable international brands are added to the offered assortment on a regular basis.

About CARiD:

CARiD is a nationwide trusted supplier of automotive details, including accessories, interior and exterior parts, performance parts, wheels and tires, etc. This online store was founded in New York in 2003, and within a year the company had to relocate to a more spacious warehouse in New Jersey. Until now, this facility remains the primary storage and distribution center of CARiD items. Among the main features of the company, automotive experts note the quality of supplied goods, the speed of delivery, and the wide assortment of supplied items.

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